About Us


The Children’s Clinic for Cornwall is a registered charity which has been set up to offer safe complementary therapies by fully qualified and registered practitioners to children of all ages from babies to young adolescents and their families. A sliding scale of fees ensures that all children in Cornwall can receive treatment, regardless of parental income. Practitioners with extensive experience in working with children have come together under one roof to provide a supportive and informative environment for children and their families where appropriate treatment can be provided. The charity is located in the Market building, Pleyber Christ Way, in Lostwithiel, Cornwall. The Clinic operates on a combination of grant funding and self generated income.

Capital expenditures will be met by grant-funding and our own fundraising efforts, whereas overheads are met by a combination of targeted funding and income derived from some patients paying full fees to the practitioners who rent treatment rooms from the Clinic. The balance between full fee paying and subsidized treatments will be adjusted in response to income and policy laid down by the trustees.

The purpose of this hybrid system is to be self-sustaining and so the surpluses generated by this method, plus donations from supporters, are used to subsidise the treatment of children from families who would otherwise find it impossible to meet the full cost. 75 children every month are now treated at the Clinic. Now that we have completed our building programme, that figure should be tripled as we were only operating at 1/3rd capacity.

We now have two fully qualified osteopaths, and one homeopath working at the clinic, as well as several associated practitioners who work under the umbrella of the Lostwithiel Complementary Health Clinic including reflexology, healing massage and sports massage, psychotherapy, Bowen treatment and counselling. They all treat adults as well as children.